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    The Pushkar Bagh - A Luxury Heritage Hotel Resort

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    Why stay with us?

    • Best Place For Leisure Holidays
    • A green oasis in the desert
    • Personalised services to each Guests
    • beautiful pool surrounded by lush gardens
    • Guest's Statisfation is our Motto

The Pushkar Bagh

Theme dinner in pushkar

Theme dinner in pushkar

Mehfil Theme:
The Pushkar Bagh offers "Mehfil" (Theme Dinner)- At the open courtyard with building illumination. Men are provided with colorful turbans & women with colorful ethnic dress. Guests are greeted with garlands and the "tikka" ceremony is performed. Afterwards relax to the music of the "folklore" while you sip a gin based welcome drink. Guests are then directed towards the venue, followed by classical / Rajasthani dances, drinks can be ordered & served while dance performance is on. Thali dinner is served on bajots (low tables) Elaborate dinner menu including specialty Indian and mughalai preparations served by traditionally attired staff.

Traditional Rajput wedding :
The guests are divided into two groups to form bride and grooms sides. A traditional ceremony is arranged one couple from the group is chosen as bride and groom. The men are dressed in white kurta pajama and colorful turban; ladies are dressed in colorful Rajasthani dress or Salwar Kameez with colored scarf. Building is beautifully illuminated, brat processing with groom on horseback is led by other men and decorated camels, and Horses band flaming torches and musicians. On arrival of Barat party at bagh they are received by ladies, welcome drinks are served groom is then led to marriage ceremony venue which is beautifully decorated with flowers & ferry light in the middle of the garden and bride follows later. All other group members are then seated on the mattress and bolsters all around the venue in the garden. A Hindu Pandit then performs the rituals and commemorates the marriage ceremony, while cocktails, drinks and snacks are served followed by gala dinner served on low tables. The dinner ends with fire works display Photographer / Video man can be arranged on request. The newly wed couple is then escorted to the suite decorated with flowers.

Typical village dhani dinner:
Authentic Rajasthani dinner is served in rural style with traditional ceremony arranged before the dinner followed by local entertainment and folk dances during the evening.

Grand Royal welcome :
Grand Royal Procession Welcome" - This theme recreates the ambience of the welcome accorded to a victorious Rajput warrior. The entire driveway to the resort is lined with caparisoned Elephants, horses and Camels. Elephants with trunks raised in salute, accompany guests who are taken in royal carriages or on Elephant back to the resort. A band of musicians and horseman precede the procession amidst a shower of rose petals. Valets drape each lady with a "duppatta" (shawl) and the gentlemen are dressed up is "safas" (Rajasthani turbans. Guests are greeted with garlands and the "tikka" ceremony is performed. Afterwards relax to the music of the "shehnai" while you sip a gin based welcome drink. This popular theme is a combination of the Royal Welcome and Rajasthani folk dances. An elaborate bar-be-cue set up on the lawns of the hotel, accompanies the celebrations and a grand fire works display

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life enter into a village created at the old house of Rajasthani traditional family. At the entrance Ladies dressed in Rajasthani costumes with arti, tikka, and garlands welcome the guests. Folk dance by local artists welcomes you further for this royal night.visit the bazaar, Banglesmaker, potter, blacksmith, sword maker, puppeteer, painter displaying and selling their products. The snake charmer, astrologer & palmist are also there to draw attention. Then step into the dining area where original Rajasthani village delicacies are served while the folk dancers entertain & enjoy and celebrate at the up as one of streets. Guests sit down for dinner on mattresses, with royal food served by service staff dressed in traditional attire on "bajots"(low tables), in "thalis". The street side dishes being cooked right in front of you. Relish the "tawa" (griddle) and "kadai"delicacies, snacks, and puffed bread or savor the "daal", "subzi" & "pudi"-pulses, vegetables and puffed bread. Gulp it with drinks from the local liquor shop, For desserts, Indian sweets being made at the 'mithaiwala"(sweet seller) or have some fresh fruits from the fruit vendor. Finish it all with some 'paan' (sweet betel leaf preparation) from the "paanwala" To entertain through the dinner in a novel way, you have the Hindi film music being played at the Paan shop, as it happens in the streets. At the end of evening the guests are accorded a royal see off.