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    The Pushkar Bagh - A Luxury Heritage Hotel Resort

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    Why stay with us?

    • Best Place For Leisure Holidays
    • A green oasis in the desert
    • Personalised services to each Guests
    • beautiful pool surrounded by lush gardens
    • Guest's Statisfation is our Motto

The Pushkar Bagh

Savitri Temple

Savitri temple visit

Savitri Temple in Pushkar is a temple of world recognition. Savitri Temple is highly acclaimed by the tourists as well as by the locals Savitri Temple is the temple dedicated to the first wife of Lord Brahma. Savitri Temple Pushkar Rajasthan is located on the hill behind the Brahma temple. One has to climb a long series of steps to reach the shrine at Savitri Temple. It presents a panoramic view of the beautiful lake and the picturesque surrounding of the villages.

About Pushkar
Pushkar in Rajasthan is a sacred place for Hindus and has 400 astounding temples. The most important of them is the one dedicated to Lord Brahma. According to the famous and ruling legend in Rajasthan, every year for five days all the gods visit Pushkar and bless the devotees. That is why every year, an incredible number of devotees flock to the lake to wash away their sins. These five vital days also correspond to the biggest cattle fair of the country. A visit to the Pushkar fair is in fact a lifetime experience.

Pushkar had always been a place of great strategic importance. Pushkar had also been a favorite residence of the great Mughal. One of the first contacts between the Mughal and the British took place in Pushkar when Sir Thomas Roe met with Jahangir in 1616. In 1818 Pushkar got handed over to the British. It was one of the few places in Rajasthan which was directly under the control of British Government.

The Savitri Mata Temple Ropeway

pushkar fair

Overlooking the beautiful and scenic Pushkar Lake, the Savitri Mata Ropeway gives a bird’s eye view of the entire town of Pushkar. The Savitri Mata Temple has great religious significance – a visit to the Brahma temple is deemed complete only after a visit to Savitri Mata’s abode. Visiting this temple is a must for both, religious reasons and for the majestic views. The Passenger Ropeway System saves the pilgrims from the strenuous stiff climb of little more than 1100 steps and enables all pilgrims particularly old and disabled devotees to visit the Holy Temple in less than 6 minutes covering a distance of 720 Mtrs.


• One has to spend Rs. 73 per person for a one- way journey and Rs. 107 for two-way journey.
• For children, the cost will be of Rs. 73 for a one- way journey and Rs. 107 for two-way journey trip.
• The ropeway will take approx 6 persons in one ride.
• This service available 7.30 AM TO 7.30 PM