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    The Pushkar Bagh - A Luxury Heritage Hotel Resort

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    Why stay with us?

    • Best Place For Leisure Holidays
    • A green oasis in the desert
    • Personalised services to each Guests
    • beautiful pool surrounded by lush gardens
    • Guest's Statisfation is our Motto

The Pushkar Bagh

Pushkar local bazaar

Pushkar with Taj Mahal Tour

Local bazaars in pushkar -
Shopping is a delightful experience in Pushkar fair, wide range of Handicraft items are displayed on road side stalls. A bewildering variety of Souvenirs, curios, and trinkets are up for sale. The beads , bangles, embroidered shoes, clothes, shiny glass, brass utensils, belts and many more are on a display.

Pushkar's narrow main bazaar is lined with an assortment of absorbing little shops. Here you'll come across everything from late'60s-timewarp clothing to Rajasthani turbans, from statues of Ganesh to the novels of Salman Rushdie. Particularly good buys include costume jewellery, glass lamps, embroidered fabrics such as wall hangings and shoulder bags, Rajasthani puppets and traditional music. Much of the stock comes from the Barmer district south of Jaisalmer and other tribal areas of Rajasthan. You'll have to haggle, as Pushkar has long been exposed to tourists with money to burn and little time to burn it. There's the usual nonsense about 'last price' quotes that aren't negotiable take your time and visit a few shops.