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    The Pushkar Bagh - A Luxury Heritage Hotel Resort

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    Why stay with us?

    • Best Place For Leisure Holidays
    • A green oasis in the desert
    • Personalised services to each Guests
    • beautiful pool surrounded by lush gardens
    • Guest's Statisfation is our Motto

The Pushkar Bagh

Kuchaman tour

Kuchaman tour

kuchaman tour -

The Kuchaman Fort, a Heritage Hotel near Jaipur, Rajasthan. Ideally situated with a proximity to key tourist destinations in India..... Pushkar, Ajmer, Jaipur and Samode. The scenic beauty and picturesque setting of this fort makes you travel back in time. This Heritage Hotel and Resort offers more than just accommodation..... activities include Horse Safaris, Camel Safaris, Village Safaris, Bird watching and Temple excursions. Our special Kuchaman City excursion takes you through old heritage Havelis and other memorable lanes.

The resort itself offers Five-star comfort. An indoor Pool, Yoga Centre, Kerala Massages and a multi-cuisine restaurant. This Heritage Hotel and Fort with its high and massive ramparts, 32 bastions, 10 gates and various defenses is a formidable fort unique in its architecture. One of the finest Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan, The Kuchaman Fort is rapidly becoming the favorite choice for the discerning traveler.

As you go winding up an undulating mountain road, towards the massive portals of this magnificient fort, you travel back to in time, only to be swallowed into the inside of this ancient world of strange mysteries, of secret chants and mantras, of classical music and ragas, and of fine arts and murals. The Kuchaman Fort. Beckoning, inviting, waiting to welcome you as it rises proudly int the clear skies at the top of a 1000 feet high rock cliff.

The Kuchaman Fort, a rare jewel set in a glittering sea of golden sands, as though a million year old rock itself changed its shape, to record the extraordinary era of kuchaman glory.

The Kuchaman Fort, where with echoing, reverberating step, you peel away successive layers of timeless history, perfectly preserved, frozen in rock and time.

The Kuchaman Fort and Resort is ideally situated. Some Approximate distances are as follows:
* Jaipur 110 Kms
* Samode : 140 Kms.
* Mandawa 130 Kms.
* Ajmer 100 Kms.
* Pushkar 120 Kms.
* Khimsar 185 Kms.
* Jodhpur 270 Kms.
* Bikaner 245 Kms.