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    The Pushkar Bagh - A Luxury Heritage Hotel Resort

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    • Best Place For Leisure Holidays
    • A green oasis in the desert
    • Personalised services to each Guests
    • beautiful pool surrounded by lush gardens
    • Guest's Statisfation is our Motto

The Pushkar Bagh

Kishangarh tour

Kishangarh tour

kishangarh tour -

Located at a distance of just 27 kilometers from Ajmer, Kishangarh is a good tourist spot. Maharaja Kishan Singh erected the Kishangarh Palace in the year 1611 AD. Formerly ruled by the Rathod Clan, Kishangarh has a rich historic past. A Tour to Kishangarh is sure to be a very enchanting experience.

A Tour to Kishangarh would definitely be one of the memorable experiences in your life. It is a wide known fact that the finest miniature painting schools were first established in Kishangarh. This was patronized by Maharaja Sawant Singh. He was a king with a poet's mind and a great taste for art and poetry. Kishangarh owes a lot of its present fame to this poet ruler.

Today Kishangarh consists of two main towns. Of them one is the more advanced urban zone lying near the Railway Station while the other is the relatively rural area lying 3 kilometers away from this. Both are equally famous among the tourists. A Tour to Kishangarh includes a visit to some of the renowned places in these localities, observing the beautiful handicrafts and also getting an opportunity to see some of the finest marble works over here.

This is because of the fact that Kishangarh at present is the largest marble and granite cutter in India. During a Tour to Kishangarh make sure to visit these places and have a gala time savoring the special Rajasthani culinary delights.

How to Reach Kishangarh:
Kishangarh is well connected by rail and road to various important transit points all over the country. So during your Tour to Kishangarh you cannot really have the problem of communicating. The nearest railhead is at a distance of just 27 kilometers from here.

The nearest airport is at 145 kilometers distance from here. In order to avoid hassles, you can easily communicate directly with the travel agents of Indian Holiday. A Jeep Safari into the desert region of Rajasthan would be just the apt thing for you. It would surely leave an indelible mark in your mind.

Places of Interest in Kishangarh:
You can have a trip to various sight seeing spots in Kishangarh. It is sure to be one of the finest of Excursions from Ajmer. Some of the worth visiting places of Kishangarh that should be covered when on a Tour to Kishangarh are-

# Kishangarh Fort: This was constructed by Maharaja Roop Singh in the year 1653. Fortified by a wall with intermittent fosse, this place provided ample protection from enemy attacks. From the surrounding hillocks, this fort commands a lovely view.

# Phool Mahal: This is actually the Palace of Flowers that have been constructed during the year 1870. In course of time however, this was converted into a Luxury Hotel. Surrounded by the lovely garden, this palace offers a revelatory view of the Kishangarh Fort and the Gundal Lake.

Kishangarh Paintings:
The beautiful Bhani Thani Paintings in Kishangarh are worth seeing. Since the finest school of painting thrived in Kishangarh under the patronage of the Rathod Kings. It is evident that the artistically inclined would flock over here.